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  • So..... You Want To Rent Your House Out, Eh?

    WHAT?  You want to RENT OUT YOUR HOME?  Really? You have come to this conclusion because your home SAT on the market for two years and failed to sell even though you.....Updated it Offered a 13 Month Home Warranty Lowered the price of it regularly Switched REALTORS®  3 times!! Plastered ads in ALL the neighborhood spots Held ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on January 23, 2011
  • Rent To Own Homes In Illinois And Indiana

    Rent while preparing to own!  Available just in time for the Holidays!  Provide a Home for your family today! Dolton, IL - 14809 Evers - 4 bdrm 2 bath - $1300/Month - Stove, refrigerator, full basement, central air, upgraded, Full detached one car garage, residential quiet neighborhood, walk to public ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on November 18, 2007
  • Your "FIRST" Crib!

      So..... You're flying the coop?  Your wings have grown, you have discovered it's time to spread them and you are determined to find new horizons for yourself! You are loaded with ideas of how you'd like to make your own mark and get on with living your life singularly..... Besides.... There is just not enough room left in ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on September 20, 2007
  • Steps from RENTER to HOMEOWNER

    Every tenant cannot become a homeowner. A TRUE homeowner "to be" is someone who takes responsibility for their own life. They do not look around for someone else to contribute to their cause. It is someone mature. It's someone who has added up the cost, and is willing to pay it. It is someone who does not need a "lord" over ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on April 23, 2007
  • Even GOD Does Evictions!

    GOD evicted HIS First man, Adam - why? Because he did NOT follow the rules of the lease! HE gave man the option and man chose what man wanted to do! Why do we think we can make something work when GOD himself allows man to suffer the consequences of his own choices? Throughout the Bible, there are examples for us to learn from without us having to ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on April 9, 2007
  • Managing Property in Indiana & Illinois

    The worst an owner of property can experience is having a non-paying tenant who takes advantage of their kindness, then use the law to protect them prior to leaving the premises.  In case after case, property owners who have invested in property have taken great monetary losses, some to the extent of losing ...
    Posted to Diane Rice (Weblog) by 450158 on April 8, 2007