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  • So..... You Want To Rent Your House Out, Eh?

    WHAT?  You want to RENT OUT YOUR HOME?  Really?

    You have come to this conclusion because your home SAT on the market for two years and failed to sell even though you.....

    • Updated it
    • Offered a 13 Month Home Warranty
    • Lowered the price of it regularly
    • Switched REALTORS®  3 times!!
    • Plastered ads in ALL the neighborhood spots
    • Held monthly open houses             

    If you reduced it any more, there would be NO profit from the sale!  Since you've already lost the equity, your last ounce of hope is to attempt to salvage something... ANYTHING! The reasoning your mind tells you out of desperation, is that you could get enough money collected every month from a tenant, which would cover the PITI, and perhaps pay you a small reward after entering into the lease agreement.

    Right?  Right!  Hmmmmm.....  Wait just a minute....  HAVE YOU DONE THIS BEFORE ?

    This is a ripe market for tenants.... GOOD and BAD ones.  Consider, ponder, pray, get advice, do research and double check before having your renter sign a commitment!

    Remember.... The EASY part is placing them.... The HARD part is getting them out!

    Here is a very small check list of DOS and DONTS for you:

    • NEVER rent to relatives - blood and business does not mix!
    • NEVER show your home without pre-screening first!
    • NEVER listen to BELIEVE a sob story!
    • NEVER show your home alone!
    • ALWAYS verify references, income sources, AND identity!
    • ALWAYS do previous residence home checks!
    • ALWAYS use a lease agreement that spells out every policy you want enforced!

    If you believe you have what it takes to effectively market and successfully lease your valued investment, we extend our blessings to you! 

    If, however you do not sense you are wired to handle savvy individuals that make their appearance in all forms of presentations, we highly recommend a Property Management Company with a proven record of satisfied clients and tenant discernment!  In your search, seek out one who is familiar with the neighborhood, reputable, licensed in their field.... and experienced!

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    Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC services South Suburban Illinois & Northwest Indiana communities, and can be reached by web at: http://www.862RICE.com  by phone:  708-862-RICE (7423)

  • TSK - The Season!

    Being in Property Management BY ITSELF is a huge chunk to deal with especially at this time of the year.  No matter how well the tenants have been screened, it seems to NEVER FAIL that managers report a lag in payments in this season at a rate of 10 to 20% of late or NO collections!  From the rents expected to recover, some may not be seen until income tax refunds come in from rapid filing!  Tsk The Season!

    Typical Rent Delaying Excuses Heard: 

    • Uh, you UNDERSTAND, It's CHRISTMAS!! - Interpretation:  Y'all DON'T deserve to have one!
    • Calling to say, we will be late, but we WILL pay the late fee! - Interpretation: We overspent!
    • Something came up, but we will catch up next month! - Interpretation: Y'all jes hafta wait!
    • We'll be out of town for the Holiday! - Interpretation: We will spend the rent money for our trip! 
    • We have out-of-town guests!  - Interpretation:  We gotta spend the rent money to impress them!
    • My car is down! - Interpretation: - We will be renting a car for the Holiday with the rent money!
    • I was laid off my job! - Interpretation: - We're getting ready to lay up on YOU!
    • We have a repair issue!  - Interpretation:  Use this "smoke screen" so you can overlook the rent!
    • Our lease is up next month! - Interpretation:  Y'all ain't gonna receive another dime outta us!
    • We are expecting a BIG income tax refund! - Interpretation:  See ya when it happens!
    • I had to help a relative pay their rent, so mine is short!  Tsk The Season!

    Of course, we deal with it by bracing ourselves to face the owners!!  It is NOT always a pleasant task being squeezed on BOTH ends!  We have to be experts at cracking the whip on one side, while earnestly pacifying the other!   Rectifying this as swiftly as possible is what we strive to achieve!  Tsk The Season!

    One MUST be anointed and CALLED to handle this grueling task year after year!  We, at Rice Property Management & Realty, console ourselves by applying lessons learned and using the right tools to offset these occurrences!  With 15 years of experience, keen discernment, and continued training, we KNOW to keep our antennas up during this time.  Tsk The Season!

    There are plenty of prospective tenants with MUCH respect toward property managers, knowing that in these days and times, having a place to stay is a priority!  It's these mature, responsible renters with home owner mentality that we covet after!  Tsk Tsk on the others!

    There  are desperate owners facing this dilemma alone, intimidated, NOT KNOWING how to properly handle this, and have conceded to being victimized!   We are saddened whenever we learn of these pleas for help, but are cheered and humbled to hear the accolades of gratitude coming from many we have freed from this burden!

    In spite of these "seasonal" challenges, we actually LOVE being in the Property Management field.... And so does our EVICTION ATTORNEY!

    "Where the RIGHT Price is the RICE Price!"

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    DISCLAIMER: Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC, servicing South Suburban Illinois & Northwest Indiana Areas, in Residential & Commercial Real Estate, at 423 East 158th Street, South Holland, IL 60473, 708-862-7423,  disclaims all liability for any damages or losses, directly or indirectly that may result from use of or reliance on information contained in this blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to my blogs.


  • Solutions To Section 8 For Believers (Part 3 of a Series)

    In part 1 and part 2, some of the truths of the hindering dependencies on Section 8 were uncovered.  Not all can receive this word, for it is targeted for the believer in God, not religious "church-goers", but for those who have heeded the call to follow Jesus by faith.

    There is a manner in which God wants His people to walk.... FREE from the systems of this world.  None of us have totally arrived, for the transforming work is a progress as we yield to the unction of the Holy Spirit and obey.  When God called His people out of Egypt, the plan was for them to become weaned off of their former lifestyles and to learn His mannerisms.   He faithfully fed them His "manna", and they faithfully protested!  This is parallel to today. No difference!  They wanted their "stuff" then, and His people pant after their "bling" today!

    Enduring hardness ain't pretty... but it is part of our walk of faith!  Allowing God to make us while in the wilderness will cause us to stand in victory as an Overcomer!  America has dealt tempting handouts that if used consistently will cheat us from triumphantly becoming the vessels God designed us to be.  GOD wants to be LORD over our lives!  Bowing down and worshipping the meager temporal morsel blocks our passage into the higher calling to hear the voice of God and follow Him alone!  God knows how to feed His own!  "Manna" was not what the Children of Israel wanted to eat, so they begged and begged for the beef, and God angrily slung it on them, but those that ate of it never entered into the Promised Land!

    The PRICE has already been paid for us to get beyond poverty and dwell on the other side! When Jesus was offered the "section" in the wilderness as He was being tempted by the prince of this world, He did NOT eat of that damnation as Adam did! It's a God-given privilege and the very PURPOSE He was sent.... For US to have life, and have it more abundantly!   We get there through the way of suffering, (which we have been called unto, for IF we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him). 

    Beloved believer, do you not know that precious in the sight of the Lord is the DEATH of His saints??  It's through dying, that life comes, and it's our journey of faith, which is our reasonable service!  Don't worry about being stripped of everything you have... it's exactly the naked state God takes us in at after we have been despised and rejected by the world! We are identifying with Christ and becoming a partaker with Him, pleasing Him and searing our ties with the past!  Of course it's humiliating!  But HE is with us IN it never for a minute leaving or forsaking us!

    The lessons learned in this phase of suffering are priceless and cannot be taught any other way.  In it, we sever unions and become made.  Our relationship with Jesus solidifies and we began to accept how He has defined us and receive His purpose for our lives.  When we leave this stage of our making, we become aware of the invincibility that there is nothing that we cannot do through Him because we KNOW who HE is!

    The level of worship we enter into as we commune in fellowship with Jesus is what our innermost spirit longs for.  We are being made conformable at this point.  It's only then that the work we have been called to do on this earth can begin!  God does not need the intervention of man to intercept His plans, for He alone has sent Jesus to be our justifier!  And what does Jesus tell His redeemed?  Walk by faith!

    The specific assignment has to unfold as a seed.  Start doing it!  What??  Whatever state you find yourself in, use what you have and do not despise the day of small beginnings, for God rewards faithfulness.  Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness, doing everything heartily as unto the Lord.  Remember, promotion does not come from man... it comes from the Lord.  As you use the gift He has placed in you, it will soon start to make room for you.  He seeks a return on His investment!  If YOU don't get into the position He placed you in, it will delay others from getting to theirs!


    Can you REALLY afford a $1400 a month home on your income alone?  No?  Then down scale and do without if it means temporarily living with a relative or in a less desirable neighborhood!  God is there too!! Do not allow the devices of the world's luring and conniving rhetoric to tell you that you deserve better!  You DO.... But not until you've earned it yourself!  When you listen to that jargon, you become a servant in bondage unable to escape the captivity trap!  Become a wise steward by blocking out what the world says you must have! Live within your income means!  Wait!  Stop crying! Roll up your sleeves & STAND!

    Cease looking to others to blame!  Endure! Be Appreciative!  What if you are single with children?  Allow them to learn the lessons from this test, for this is just a light affliction and not worthy to be compared with what awaits all of you!  Become diligent and remain faithful, and you will see God's Word in manifestation which speaks about His seed never having to beg for bread.  God is your source.... Abide in Him, casting every care upon Him, allowing Him to deliver you.  When this becomes your way of life, you will see that you are the head and not the tail!  If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the GOOD of the land!

     Copyright © 2009 Diane Rice, All Rights Reserved

    DISCLAIMER: Diane Rice, and Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC, disclaims all liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on information contained in this blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to my blogs.

    About the author:  Diane Rice, Broker/Owner at Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC suffered as a homeless single parent after facing job loss, home foreclosure, and auto repossession.  It was during this time of hardship that God unfolded His revelations to her regarding HIS MAN, and walking by faith.  One of the tasks God called her into was the Real Estate industry, and has recently granted her a mission to help deliver His people off of the bondage of the voucher programs.  For further detailed information regarding this ownership plan, she can be reached at 708-862-RICE (7423).

  • Remembering Our Humble Beginnings On Our 13 Year Anniversary

    My husband and i started our business 13 years ago using a $5.00 bicycle he bought me from a local Goodwill store.  He would not allow me to drive his car, for it came with a special formula that only worked for him........ 


    He'd have to pray for a designated amount of minutes, pound on the steering column for a few measured seconds, perform seven & 1/2 "Fred Flintstone-open-door-foot-action strokes", and finally the car would remember it was supposed to function and take off!  It only responded to him! Everyone would know when we were arriving from hearing the distinctive piercing squeal originating from something defective in the under body.  Of course all would know if the Rice's had been there from the red stained transmission fluid in evidence left behind on driveways and parking lots due to multiple leaks!

    My son, (a teen at the time) and i would have to push the car as Tony steered whenever we had to get out of tight spots, for the car would not go in reverse.  At night, we had to sneakily creep down side streets to avoid discovery of driving without lights!  Turning them on caused the alternator to malfunction!

    I needed to get around to tend to the business God led us in.  Loaded with cleaning goods in a bag i'd, hang them over the handlebars of the bike and head a few miles away to clean houses.  On days that it rained, i learned to maneuver with one hand holding to steer and the other holding the umbrella.  I was laughed to scorn, but didn't know how funny i appeared to others.... They said i looked like Mary Poppins!

    Because we refused to live above our income means, we had to do without materialistic things common to people we associated with, but though times were tough for us, we stuck it out. I remembered the days when i would open the refrigerator door wishing there was something appetizingly succulent in it that would quench my hankering taste buds.

    We had "Potato Days" back then.... A 10 pound bag of potatoes from Aldi's was only 99 cents and had become our daily diet for a whole year!  The creative side of me kicked in to manifest great potato feasts! Potato soup, potato casserole, potato salad, fried potato, boiled potato, baked potato, potato pancake, potato pie, creamed potato, tossed potato, potato Au gratin, potato sandwich, mashed potato, hot potato, stuffed potato, potato pudding, hash brown potato, etc. you get the picture?

    The business began to grow!  Our landlord gave us an opportunity to clean and paint his units, and later manage them, and we have continued on to make a name for ourselves.  Of all the professions my husband could choose, he elected to clean carpeting and paint homes for he enjoys converting the worst of living quarters into miraculously restored places of habitation!  I am so very much proud of him!


    We will not forget our humble beginnings.  My "Husbo" Anthony Rice, who clearly hears and obeys the voice of God, has been tried and tested and has prevailed with a commendable level of excellence in his field.  He has retained the customer base he acquired from the beginning and has added to it!  He is known for preserving carpets that ordinarily would have to be replaced, and he paints with such superior performance that he has no need for a drop cloth.  His customers rave over his work and jealously guard him, not willing to share him too readily. His desire is to be a blessing to others as God has blessed him!

    It gives me great pleasure to present..... Rice & Rice Painting & Carpet Cleaning - servicing South Suburban Illinois, & Northwest Indiana communities.  The "Pillar" of Rice Property Management & Realty!

      Happy 13 Year Anniversary Darling! 

    (13 Years in Business & 15 Years of Marriage)


    To GOD Be All The Glory For The Things HE Alone Has Done

  • The TRUTH About Section 8 - A Perspective From A Believer - (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of The Truth About Section 8,  (a housing voucher program intended to assist low income earners),  revelation was uncovered that exposed some of the the dangers from long term usage.  This is part 2 of 3.

    Many will disagree with this truth and attempt to back it up with assailing justifications in support of defending some of the users of the vouchers  Excuses and concluding arguments do not nullify the debilitating harm done from the repetitive usage of this habit.  GOD did not intend for man to be dependent upon the government. HE made him to be a productive contributor!  There has to be a better way - and there is!

    The faithful wounds of a friend who tell the truth are very uncomfortable and at times, painful, but it's the TRUTH that will cause one to be released from a lifelong formidable habit.  The "truth" is that GOD, being a jealous GOD, abhors His people being in dependence upon a system founded upon the "prince" of this world!!  It disgusts HIM to see HIS people behaving in idolatrous ways, such as feeding upon the crumbs of a "SECTION" when HE HIMSELF is the "WHOLE"!    


    In every generation and in every season there has been a time to lose and a time to gain.  Allowing the government to come to the rescue with a band-aid will thwart the purposes of destinies and tie the very hand of GOD HIMSELF, who is strong, able, capable, willing, AND mighty!! HE NEVER fails!  In a time such as this, GOD wants HIS people to look to HIM!  HE always was and is yet in control!  What will happen when this system fails?  WHEN will we start to completely TRUST God??  When HE comes, will HE find any faith here?  Are you one of the "JUST"??  

    Believers in GOD need to get off this hindering program.  There are untapped creative channels resident in the people of GOD that will remain blocked as long as they allow this unclean stronghold to govern them!  GOD-given Gifts (which have been neglected) will make room for the believer and place them before great men once they let go!  The whole world has been seeking answers and solutions.  Some of these answers have been lying dormant... stifled, hidden, and subdued under these bureaucratic government subsidies.  If you are a child of GOD sipping on that tainted teat, ducking your purpose and these words are speaking to you.... RUN - DON'T WALK - GET OFF!

    How does one get off?  Solutions to be revealed in part 3.......

    © Copyright 2009 Rice Property Management, All rights reserved

    DISCLAIMER: Diane Rice, and Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC, disclaims all liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on information contained in this blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to my blogs.


  • Thornton Township Celebrates....

    Mark your calendar for Friday, February 27th, 2009, for the Human Relations Commission of Thornton Township, in Illinois will be celebrating Black History Month!  An excellent time to learn more about the culture of African Americans while enjoying lunch.... The event is open to the public and FREE! 

    Event begins at 10:00 AM, and will end at 2:00 PM will be held at the Riverdale Senior, Youth, & Family Service Center which is located in Riverdale, IL - 14323 S Halsted.  Come Early!

    Some Appearances: 


    Were you aware of this being the 200th year anniversary of Abrahan Lincoln's Birthday?  It's also the 100th year anniversary of the NAACP!  Featured speakers will highlight historical accounts of importance.

    Thornton Township is made up of 17 Cities & Villages:  Burnham, Calumet City, Dixmoor, Dolton, East Hazel Crest, Glenwood, Harvey, Hazel Crest, Homewood, Lansing, Markham, Phoenix, Posen, Riverdale, South Holland, and Thornton. 

    Frank M. Zuccarelli, featured event speaker, is Thornton's Supervisor and Chairman of South Suburban College located in South Holland, IL.

    Mayor of Riverdale, Zenovia Evans is also a featured speaker ---->   

    Informational post written by Diane Rice, Broker/Owner, Rice Property Management & Realty -Seeking Property Management? Rentals? Investment Property? Buying? Selling? Call 708-862-RICE(7423)

      "Where the RICE Price is the RIGHT Price!"


  • The TRUTH About Section 8 - A Perspective From A Believer

    Housing voucher programs as Section 8 yields unrealistic expectations to the one who uses it continually.  It has brainwashing effects that informs the user they deserve it and that it's impossible for them to survive without it. 

    It denotes dependency, stripping the user of their GOD-given right of waiting, and becoming diligent.  Waiting is an essential step to maturity.  Without it, many crucial lessons in life are missed, producing an irresponsible civilian, released into society to exploit.  It's a burden on the community.  Diligence, a virtue, takes a continual effort to achieve regardless of the circumstances one is surrounded by. 

    Walking in diligence bears through the tough times, trusting the faithfulness of our GOD in our "seasons of dearth".  Discarding diligence means throwing away a promising future and becoming complacent... it means settling for less... a defeated attitude!  GOD designed us to CONQUER and OVERCOME obstacles.  We are made to REBOUND, but will never succeed if we are stunted in our growth by the interception of systems like Section 8.

    Section 8 is a Voucher Program that obtains Federal assistance provided by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  It was originally made available to subsidize rent for low-income producing families and individuals.  More information can be found here.

    Usually, the recipient enrolls into this "Housing Choice Voucher Program" with the intent of securing relief in their quest to find affordable, secure housing.  Unsuspectingly, they have been lured into accepting a "contagious infection" that stamps each victim with a demeaning label, classifying them as "poor low income earners" to forever forage from an unfulfilling vessel of meager proportions! Drinking from this cup is designed to seize any further residue of liberality left, rendering one impotent, inept, and in captivity!  It's like a curse! 

    Some voucher holders "inherit" this pronouncement from relatives who have passed down this ill-fated generational tradition.  Grantors of this "acquired title" willingly submit to placing themselves under this poverty umbrella, limiting them from ever attaining their predestined lot in life.  It is sad because it has become addictive... pulverizing the soul, rendering them too helpless to cut the ties!  It materializes to become a "Permanent Pacifier".... incessantly sucked upon, and just about impossible to wean away from!  

    We have observed an all too familiar pattern:  A voucher user will take their "perceived privilege" to whoever is willing to accept it; critically rejecting every place offered that will not satisfy their highest projected standards.  This creates "Prima Donnas" and the grantor of the voucher program becomes their "god".  A habit of finding a home becomes an annual pursuit for the unsatisfied bearer of the voucher, because their mindset is not convinced they have been serviced their expected ultimate entitlement!  Of some of the holders who do not venture out on this annual trek, the symptom most noticeable is the "chronic complaining syndrome".  These demanders have become "Commanders with a whip" seeking immediate resolve to their every imagined whim!  In their eyes it's no longer a program offered by the government... to the user, it is now known as, "MY" Section 8! 

    .....to be continued.....

    © Copyright 2008 Rice Property Management, All rights reserved

    DISCLAIMER: Diane Rice, and Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC, disclaims all liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on, information contained in this blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to my blogs.



  • South Holland , IL 55+ Open House Saturday April 19th 2008

    Come view this Spectacular 3 bedroom, 3 bath Townhome Condo, Located in the Villas of South Holland!!!


    TIME:               1:30 PM TO 3:30 PM


    FEATURES:       The Villas of South Holland. Their Finest Private End Unit! 3 Bath, 3 Bedroom 55 + Community. Spacious 2 1/2 Car Garage In Addition To 2 Assigned Parking Spaces. Fireplace In Living Room. Neutral Window Dressings. Handicapped Accessible. Equipped With Portable Ramp & ADA Adapted Railings In First Floor Master Bath Which Has Whirlpool Bath! Upstairs loft Bedroom Has Full Master Bath Also And An Extrodinary Amount Of Storage Room ..... Walk-In Closet Space!

    Swimming Pool, Park, Clubhouse, Exercise Room, Rec Room With Fireplace, & Extra Visitor Parking Are All Inclusive!! On-site Maintenance & Snow Removal!! Call For Pet Allowance Policy.

    Patio Overlooks Scenic Pond With Waterspout.

    Meticulous Landscaping!

    The PERFECT Active-Living "GET- A - WAY " To Get Away With!




  • Assisting Seniors In Illinois Communities

    Lieutenant Chris Van *** of the Riverdale Fire Department attended the first Riverdale Landlord meeting of 2008 January 17th, and gave property owners startling facts!  At age 65, older adults are twice as likely to be killed or injured by fires or falls compared to the population at large and their population is increasing rapidly!

    In Illinois, a fall and fire prevention program which is geared specifically for older adults is available FREE!   The program, called, "Illinois Remembering When" which was developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), The Center for High-Risk Outreach, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), can be conducted through neighborhood groups and gatherings.  Please help us spread the word! 

    All seniors do not live in safe environments, and many are exposed to life-threatening dangers just from everyday living.  This program will bring awareness and prevention.  If you have a group interested in sponsoring a gathering of older adults in Illinois, please contact Lt. Chris Van *** at the Riverdale Fire Department at 708-849-2122 ext. 3812.  If you know of someone needing to get this crucial information, please contact him at the same number to sign up for the next presentation.  Tax deductible donations are also being accepted. 

    Lieutenant Chris Van *** - informing property owners on the dangers to older adults.


    At the conclusion of the presentation, Joe Hodges, Chairman of the Riverdale Landlord Association handed over a donation that was collected from the concerned landlords after hearing about the need.

  • Our NEW Website Address!

    January 4, 2008

    Greetings to all!

    Getting to our site at www.RicePropertyManagement.com has been made easier!  We now have a new domain name that can be remembered! It’s our phone number! (862-RICE, without the area code!) Same place - new name! From now on we can be accessed at:




    We are pleased to offer more simplicity while continuing to provide what you are accustomed to seeing! The old domain name will continue to exist and remain usable, appearing in the address bar, for your convenience

    We pray this new change in this new year will make your future visits more pleasing and helpful. In keeping with the new…do note a few clearances and enhancements to the site. Drop us an email telling us what you think…. And please do not forget to direct someone who is in need of housing!!

    Thank you for bearing with us as we make adjustments to better serve you!


    Diane Rice & The RPM Team






    Big on "U"....All the way to the letter "i"

    © Copyright 2008 Rice Property Management, All rights reserved



  • The Ending & the Beginning - A Reflection

    The Clock for 2007 is winding down, just seconds before the year is closed, never to be seen again..... It's the END!  We will be incapable of bringing 2007 back again!  Promises that were made, resolutions proclaimed, purposes purported, ambitions dreamt, plans laid out, and goals that were set... all that did not materialize are now just faint thoughts.... vague meaningless memories....  whisked away unto oblivion.....

                                                                      P       O       O      F    !

    Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that apears for a little time, and then vanishes away..... James 4:14

    NOW!..... Time moves on, a new year awaits..... It's TIME TO DREAM AGAIN! ..... It's The "BEGINNING!"


    It's a NEW DAY!  Time to start afresh! By the Grace of GOD you are still here!  You have survived and have been granted A NEW CHANCE!!  Forget about the past.... it's over.... begin anew!  Don't rehearse past failures, hurts, wrongs, and injustices... YOU'VE BEEN GIVEN A NEW START!!  Leave that negativity back in the past and be grateful for the NEW!  The number 8 means NEW Beginning.. 2008 is NEW!!  Come, Let us REJOICE!

    "And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful." Rev 21:5 

    "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isa 43:19

    My prayer for all is for a very prosperous GOD-Fearing 2008, as HE makes known unto us the riches of HIS Glory!  Thank you for allowing me to partake of your fellowship in 2007!


    Copyright © 2007 Rice Property Management All Rights Reserved

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  • Some Considerations To Think On BEFORE You List!

    Some considerations....

                    To think on....

                                Prior to listing your home....


    How does my home appear  to the potential purchaser?

    • What can we do to assure the future buyer chooses our home?
    • What are our chances of selling in a buyer's market?
    • Will we be able to get the "Rice" Price for our home?
    • Should we list NOW, or should we wait until the market changes?
    • Are there any other options?  If so, what are they?

    With so much negativity being saturated in the atmosphere related to the Real Estate Market, one could easily be caught up in listening instead of listing!!

    Do NOT despair another moment!  You've not happened upon this website for naught.... We can help you in many many ways....  Here are just a few:

    • Rice & Rice Painting & Carpet Cleaning - Professionally Prepares Homes For Listing!
    • Stage Your Home - Wanda Marshall/Rice Realtor & Certified Home Stager!
    • Rent To Ownership Programs - Call For Complete Individualized Analysis!
    • Property Management - Full Service Management of Your Investment!

    Rice Property Management & Realty - "Where the RIGHT Price IS the RICE Price!"

       Big on "U"....All the way to the letter "i" Copyright 2007®

    Equal Opportunity Housing

  • Riverdale Landlord Association - Final Meeting of 2007

    In spite of last minute holiday appointments and commitments held by the majority of Landlord Association Members, a nice amount of landlords did show up to hear President, Joe Hodges speak at the last meeting of the year, then fellowship with one another while enjoying refreshments provided by the Village of Riverdale.

    Joe spoke on the great progresses we have accomplished since initially beginning the group of concerned owners in Riverdale.  He reviewed and shared about the wealth of resources we've been privileged to receive information on and assistance in to aid us in becoming successful with the investments housed in the community.  He encouraged everyone to contemplate elections for officers and positions in January that would cement our purposes and establish us as a credible productive organization!

    Recap of 2007:

    • An attorney came to speak on the new eviction laws
    • An employee from the Cook County Sheriff's Office came to explain the new procedures
    • A tax consultant visited, giving advice about appealing property taxes
    • A representative from a tenant credit report company came and offered group rates
    • A gentleman from a private investigation company offered to do background checks
    • Riverdale's Park District Heads gave us vital information pertaining park access 
    • Riverdale's Youth Committee visited, offering solutions with youth problems
    • Riverdale's Chamber of Commerce board member business appearance
    • Riverdale's Building & Zoning Director - General compliance input
    • Riverdale's Trustee members - visible support
    • Riverdale's Fire & Inspectional Services Heads - Informational assistance
    • Riverdale's Police Chief & Department Officers - Crime Free Housing & R.A.P.S.
    • Riverdale's Resource Center spokesperson - family crisis concerns
    • The Mayor of Riverdale, Zenovia Evans visited, giving overall support 
    • Whole-hearted participation from ALL the owners

    In just one year, many proactive feats were accomplished thanks to the committed unity of landlords bonding together with a City that cares.  The last meeting of the year ended with an optimistic outlook for anticipated growth in 2008! 

    We could not end this year without recognizing the "beyond the call" efforts of LYNDA ODIGIE, Riverdale's Housing Coordinator.  Lynda worked tireless behind the scenes hours without pay for the goal of assisting President, Joe Hodges in bringing to fruition his aspirations for a successful association.

    Thank you LYNDA ODIGIE!!  & Thank you Mayor Zenovia Evans for lending her to us!




    Next meeting is scheduled for January 17, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.  If you are an owner of a single family or multi-unit property located in Riverdale, Illinois, come join forces with us and receive assistance that can only be gained in group participation!  For further information, call Joe Hodges at 708-308-5099



  • Riverdale Goes to Winter WonderFest At Navy Pier

                                     The Mayor's Community Youth Council Presents..............


             "A Holiday Trip To The Annual Winter WonderFest" (At Navy Pier in Chicago)


              Thursday, December 27, 2007 -Bus Departs  Riverdale Village Hall at 10 AM


               The cost, just $20 bucks Includes Rides, Games, Ice Skates, Bus Ride & Lunch


                        ***** PARENTAL CHAPERONES ARE ENCOURAGED *****


    Deadline date for registration is Wednesday, December 26, 2007  - Seating is limited


    To register or for additional info contact Demetria (DEE) Waddell at 708-841-6716


    Bus will return by 6:00 P.M. To Riverdale City Hall - 157 West 144th Street, Riverdale, IL


                        DONTCHA WANNA GO???????  GOOD!!!  -----  SEE YOU THERE!!!

  • Village of Riverdale & Riverdale Chamber Joint Holiday Celebration

    On Friday, December 7th, the Riverdale Chamber of Commerce members, and Village of Riverdale supporters and staff gathered to share a little Christmas Holiday Cheer collectively.  Hosted at the Riverdale Marina, guests dined on Chef's delectables kept in plentiful supply by gracious servers on hand. 




    As the evening progressed, gaiety increased, laughter grew, and co-mingling became the order of the night!  Gleeful sounds were heard from ticket holders who were awarded prizes as Mayor Evans read off numbers selected randomly. Gift-wrapped presents were generously distributed in exchange for the stubs!





    Merry Christmas Everyone! ......  And, Remember.... JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON!!

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