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Solutions To Section 8 For Believers (Part 3 of a Series)

In part 1 and part 2, some of the truths of the hindering dependencies on Section 8 were uncovered.  Not all can receive this word, for it is targeted for the believer in God, not religious "church-goers", but for those who have heeded the call to follow Jesus by faith.

There is a manner in which God wants His people to walk.... FREE from the systems of this world.  None of us have totally arrived, for the transforming work is a progress as we yield to the unction of the Holy Spirit and obey.  When God called His people out of Egypt, the plan was for them to become weaned off of their former lifestyles and to learn His mannerisms.   He faithfully fed them His "manna", and they faithfully protested!  This is parallel to today. No difference!  They wanted their "stuff" then, and His people pant after their "bling" today!

Enduring hardness ain't pretty... but it is part of our walk of faith!  Allowing God to make us while in the wilderness will cause us to stand in victory as an Overcomer!  America has dealt tempting handouts that if used consistently will cheat us from triumphantly becoming the vessels God designed us to be.  GOD wants to be LORD over our lives!  Bowing down and worshipping the meager temporal morsel blocks our passage into the higher calling to hear the voice of God and follow Him alone!  God knows how to feed His own!  "Manna" was not what the Children of Israel wanted to eat, so they begged and begged for the beef, and God angrily slung it on them, but those that ate of it never entered into the Promised Land!

The PRICE has already been paid for us to get beyond poverty and dwell on the other side! When Jesus was offered the "section" in the wilderness as He was being tempted by the prince of this world, He did NOT eat of that damnation as Adam did! It's a God-given privilege and the very PURPOSE He was sent.... For US to have life, and have it more abundantly!   We get there through the way of suffering, (which we have been called unto, for IF we suffer with Him, we shall reign with Him). 

Beloved believer, do you not know that precious in the sight of the Lord is the DEATH of His saints??  It's through dying, that life comes, and it's our journey of faith, which is our reasonable service!  Don't worry about being stripped of everything you have... it's exactly the naked state God takes us in at after we have been despised and rejected by the world! We are identifying with Christ and becoming a partaker with Him, pleasing Him and searing our ties with the past!  Of course it's humiliating!  But HE is with us IN it never for a minute leaving or forsaking us!

The lessons learned in this phase of suffering are priceless and cannot be taught any other way.  In it, we sever unions and become made.  Our relationship with Jesus solidifies and we began to accept how He has defined us and receive His purpose for our lives.  When we leave this stage of our making, we become aware of the invincibility that there is nothing that we cannot do through Him because we KNOW who HE is!

The level of worship we enter into as we commune in fellowship with Jesus is what our innermost spirit longs for.  We are being made conformable at this point.  It's only then that the work we have been called to do on this earth can begin!  God does not need the intervention of man to intercept His plans, for He alone has sent Jesus to be our justifier!  And what does Jesus tell His redeemed?  Walk by faith!

The specific assignment has to unfold as a seed.  Start doing it!  What??  Whatever state you find yourself in, use what you have and do not despise the day of small beginnings, for God rewards faithfulness.  Cultivate an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness, doing everything heartily as unto the Lord.  Remember, promotion does not come from man... it comes from the Lord.  As you use the gift He has placed in you, it will soon start to make room for you.  He seeks a return on His investment!  If YOU don't get into the position He placed you in, it will delay others from getting to theirs!


Can you REALLY afford a $1400 a month home on your income alone?  No?  Then down scale and do without if it means temporarily living with a relative or in a less desirable neighborhood!  God is there too!! Do not allow the devices of the world's luring and conniving rhetoric to tell you that you deserve better!  You DO.... But not until you've earned it yourself!  When you listen to that jargon, you become a servant in bondage unable to escape the captivity trap!  Become a wise steward by blocking out what the world says you must have! Live within your income means!  Wait!  Stop crying! Roll up your sleeves & STAND!

Cease looking to others to blame!  Endure! Be Appreciative!  What if you are single with children?  Allow them to learn the lessons from this test, for this is just a light affliction and not worthy to be compared with what awaits all of you!  Become diligent and remain faithful, and you will see God's Word in manifestation which speaks about His seed never having to beg for bread.  God is your source.... Abide in Him, casting every care upon Him, allowing Him to deliver you.  When this becomes your way of life, you will see that you are the head and not the tail!  If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the GOOD of the land!

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DISCLAIMER: Diane Rice, and Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC, disclaims all liability for any damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use of or reliance on information contained in this blog or for accuracy of comments or opinions of visitors to my blogs.

About the author:  Diane Rice, Broker/Owner at Rice Property Management & Realty, LLC suffered as a homeless single parent after facing job loss, home foreclosure, and auto repossession.  It was during this time of hardship that God unfolded His revelations to her regarding HIS MAN, and walking by faith.  One of the tasks God called her into was the Real Estate industry, and has recently granted her a mission to help deliver His people off of the bondage of the voucher programs.  For further detailed information regarding this ownership plan, she can be reached at 708-862-RICE (7423).

Published Sunday, May 3, 2009 3:53 PM by DIANE RICE

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Property Management Companies Calgary said:

How do you integrate your faith and your business?  I can't help but wonder why a website about property management has a giant section on religion.  I'm assuming it is because it is an integral part of your business?

December 3, 2010 7:25 PM


BEFORE there was Real Estate, there was GOD.  HE was the ONE who SPOKE Real Estate into being!  Just HOW can one leave HIM out?  Religion, we can do without, but NOT THE ONE WHO CREATED the land for us to use... HE was the FIRST REAL ESTATE Investor & Agent!  

December 21, 2015 12:32 PM

tingones said:

This ricepropertymanagement blog has been giving us about progress as we yield and more people pant after transforming. The https://bestessayservicesreview.com/essaypro-review/ former lifestyles the parallel and including the better mannerisms for differentiated objectives.

April 26, 2018 3:10 AM

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