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The TRUTH About Section 8 - A Perspective From A Believer - (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The Truth About Section 8,  (a housing voucher program intended to assist low income earners),  revelation was uncovered that exposed some of the the dangers from long term usage.  This is part 2 of 3.

Many will disagree with this truth and attempt to back it up with assailing justifications in support of defending some of the users of the vouchers  Excuses and concluding arguments do not nullify the debilitating harm done from the repetitive usage of this habit.  GOD did not intend for man to be dependent upon the government. HE made him to be a productive contributor!  There has to be a better way - and there is!

The faithful wounds of a friend who tell the truth are very uncomfortable and at times, painful, but it's the TRUTH that will cause one to be released from a lifelong formidable habit.  The "truth" is that GOD, being a jealous GOD, abhors His people being in dependence upon a system founded upon the "prince" of this world!!  It disgusts HIM to see HIS people behaving in idolatrous ways, such as feeding upon the crumbs of a "SECTION" when HE HIMSELF is the "WHOLE"!    


In every generation and in every season there has been a time to lose and a time to gain.  Allowing the government to come to the rescue with a band-aid will thwart the purposes of destinies and tie the very hand of GOD HIMSELF, who is strong, able, capable, willing, AND mighty!! HE NEVER fails!  In a time such as this, GOD wants HIS people to look to HIM!  HE always was and is yet in control!  What will happen when this system fails?  WHEN will we start to completely TRUST God??  When HE comes, will HE find any faith here?  Are you one of the "JUST"??  

Believers in GOD need to get off this hindering program.  There are untapped creative channels resident in the people of GOD that will remain blocked as long as they allow this unclean stronghold to govern them!  GOD-given Gifts (which have been neglected) will make room for the believer and place them before great men once they let go!  The whole world has been seeking answers and solutions.  Some of these answers have been lying dormant... stifled, hidden, and subdued under these bureaucratic government subsidies.  If you are a child of GOD sipping on that tainted teat, ducking your purpose and these words are speaking to you.... RUN - DON'T WALK - GET OFF!

How does one get off?  Solutions to be revealed in part 3.......

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Published Friday, May 1, 2009 1:02 PM by DIANE RICE

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