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Riverdale Landlord Association - Final Meeting of 2007

In spite of last minute holiday appointments and commitments held by the majority of Landlord Association Members, a nice amount of landlords did show up to hear President, Joe Hodges speak at the last meeting of the year, then fellowship with one another while enjoying refreshments provided by the Village of Riverdale.

Joe spoke on the great progresses we have accomplished since initially beginning the group of concerned owners in Riverdale.  He reviewed and shared about the wealth of resources we've been privileged to receive information on and assistance in to aid us in becoming successful with the investments housed in the community.  He encouraged everyone to contemplate elections for officers and positions in January that would cement our purposes and establish us as a credible productive organization!

Recap of 2007:

  • An attorney came to speak on the new eviction laws
  • An employee from the Cook County Sheriff's Office came to explain the new procedures
  • A tax consultant visited, giving advice about appealing property taxes
  • A representative from a tenant credit report company came and offered group rates
  • A gentleman from a private investigation company offered to do background checks
  • Riverdale's Park District Heads gave us vital information pertaining park access 
  • Riverdale's Youth Committee visited, offering solutions with youth problems
  • Riverdale's Chamber of Commerce board member business appearance
  • Riverdale's Building & Zoning Director - General compliance input
  • Riverdale's Trustee members - visible support
  • Riverdale's Fire & Inspectional Services Heads - Informational assistance
  • Riverdale's Police Chief & Department Officers - Crime Free Housing & R.A.P.S.
  • Riverdale's Resource Center spokesperson - family crisis concerns
  • The Mayor of Riverdale, Zenovia Evans visited, giving overall support 
  • Whole-hearted participation from ALL the owners

In just one year, many proactive feats were accomplished thanks to the committed unity of landlords bonding together with a City that cares.  The last meeting of the year ended with an optimistic outlook for anticipated growth in 2008! 

We could not end this year without recognizing the "beyond the call" efforts of LYNDA ODIGIE, Riverdale's Housing Coordinator.  Lynda worked tireless behind the scenes hours without pay for the goal of assisting President, Joe Hodges in bringing to fruition his aspirations for a successful association.

Thank you LYNDA ODIGIE!!  & Thank you Mayor Zenovia Evans for lending her to us!




Next meeting is scheduled for January 17, 2008 at 5:00 P.M.  If you are an owner of a single family or multi-unit property located in Riverdale, Illinois, come join forces with us and receive assistance that can only be gained in group participation!  For further information, call Joe Hodges at 708-308-5099



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