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Your "FIRST" Crib!


So..... You're flying the coop?  Your wings have grown, you have discovered it's time to spread them and you are determined to find new horizons for yourself! You are loaded with ideas of how you'd like to make your own mark and get on with living your life singularly..... Besides....

There is just not enough room left in the nest, and you have learned the essentials of surviving on your own. You have a good paying job, a savings account, some wheels, and you have bought and paid for your own sound system and big screen plasma!  Nothing to do next but check the newspaper ads and Internet listings of available apartments.... Right?

Whoa! Hold up! Renting an apartment is a huge responsibility. There may be a few considerations you have not thought on.  As a Property Management Company, we assist many renters with their first apartments. We have also given out realistic advice to those who thought they were ready to take that leap, only to realize they were unprepared for what they would face!

Here is just a small list to meditate upon:

  • Rent - payment that is due faithfully every month - no excuses!
  • Utilities - lights, gas, home phone, cell phone, cable?
  • Food - and toiletries (toothpaste, household cleaners, deodorant, etc.)   
  • Clothing - and upkeep - shoes, cleaning bill, accessories, underwear
  • Car note - and car insurance, licensing, stickers, renewals
  • Car care - (expenses uncovered by insurance) gas, oil changes,repairs        
  • Health-care - and dental care (if uncovered by insurance)
  • Furniture bill - (we recommend using resale stores to eliminate this bill)
  • Job expense - parking, lunches, uniforms, commuting, etc.
  • Savings - futuristic planning (vacations, projects, new home, marriage, etc.)
  • Other expenses - (loans, contributions, emergencies, legal expense, etc.)
  • Recreation - fun, fun, fun?

Perhaps you have not added up the cost. Take the opportunity to plan before you call for an available apartment. Most experts in the field agree that 25 to 30% of your monthly net income should be used for rent payments. Here is an available calculator for your usage. Budget first, then enjoy a new crib that you can afford!

....next topic:  "Do This BEFORE You Call To See A Rental"  

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