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Even GOD Does Evictions!

GOD evicted HIS First man, Adam - why? Because he did NOT follow the rules of the lease! HE gave man the option and man chose what man wanted to do! Why do we think we can make something work when GOD himself allows man to suffer the consequences of his own choices? Throughout the Bible, there are examples for us to learn from without us having to E X P E R I E N C E it first-hand ourselves!

God spoke to Adam in Genesis and said to him (and i'm putting it in "simple" language), "Dude, here is a fully furnished pad with meals! It's our brand new model, constructed just for 'you'.... Eat ALL you want!" Now, listen, this is MY property....you can stay as long as you pay the rent (tend to the garden)! It is NOT free! Sign here: x__________________________________.

WHOA! before you sign, know that IF you violate the lease agreement by eating of the forbidden tree, you get NO 5-DAY NOTICE --- you get BOOTED! HEY, by the way, this goes for your guests, family members, and "wifey-poo," too! - YOU gotta take responsibility for THEM since YOU are the head! You are the one with authority! You are the one I'm making this agreement with! You'll have all you needs supplied! OK? Ya got that? Kewl! Sign here: x_______________________________ .

Wait a minute...... let's go back further BEFORE the creation of man......... God's TOP angel was kicked out first! He did NOT keep the rules! He rebelled against his landlord, and got cast out! He did not receive a 3, 5, or 10 Day Notice! Now GOD is a Righteous Judge, and knows the hearts of man.....why do we bypass what HE has set up and become our own justification by trying to do it OUR way??? Don't forget these were both GOD's BEST!

I'm guilty of making the same mistakes that mostly every landlord makes! I've had the tenants from hell! I've gone the route of "trying to help!" What has it gotten me: ANGRY! The good news is, i've learned, recovered, and realized the errors of my ways. God moves forward and so do i!  Evictions are part of Property Management. I have accepted that. You may have all good tenants..... in the beginning. When or if they change - you must change also! This is a business....keep it that way! These are the rules: take it or leave it!

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