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Before You Call

Rice Property Management & Realty, first wishes to thank you for visiting our site! It is our endeavor to produce quality rental units of habitation for.... YOU!  We attempt to respond to every phone call, visit, and email inquiry, assigning a specific agent to service you with individualized attention!  

When or IF we fail to measure up to these standards, we invite you to NOTIFY US as soon as this oversight has been known!

YOU are the purpose we are in the rental business, for without YOU, (the renter), there would be no need for property managers and/or property management companies. 

There are many reasons that occupants RENT instead of buying.....

  • NO established credit history - or credit challenged histories
  • NO sufficient amount of money for a down payment
  • Short time on the job - or self employed
  • Personal preference - no interest in owning
  • Change:  marriage, divorce, income, separation, leaving home or college
  • Foreclosures, new job location, bankruptcy, relocation, disasters, etc.
  • And the list goes on........

Whatever the reason may be, we'd like to become the Company YOU use to locate suitable housing.  To assist you in your search, we have compiled a list of questions you can expect to be asked. This pre-screening will help determine  placement.  Remember... we work with selective owners seeking responsible occupants!



How SOON are you looking to move?  (If you do not need to move for another 2 months, we suggest you wait before calling because most of the rentals you see now will not be available later).

WHERE? (Which neighborhoods are you considering?) We suggest you research communities prior to calling - information regarding schools, crime, etc. is available at places such as

How is your CREDIT? Credit reports help us determine eligibility.  You are entitled to a free report annually.  You can access yours at Free Credit  In cases of extremely poor credit, some owners will still allow rentals with extra money paid toward security deposits.

Are you ready with rent and security deposit MONEY SAVED?  If you are serious about renting, prepare by having at least 2 months of the rental amount saved. Those that come qualified and having the money also, are the ones to get the unit.  Most owners will not accept "hold money" with the exception of a short time period.  REMEMBER.... figure about 35 to 40% of your "NET" monthly income for rent payment!  

How MANY will be occupying the rental?  General housing "standards" dictate 2 per bedroom, plus an additional person for the living room.  Adjustments are made for those with pre-school children.  This question is asked to determine which available accommodations would be suitable and comfortable for the household size.

Do you have verifiable rent RECEIPTS?  Handwritten rental payment receipts are not provable.  Qualifying determinations for occupancy are made from credible sources.  Come prepared to be screened! 

WHY are you moving? Owners want to know the reason for your new move. Decisions to approve an applicant weigh on many factors.  This is one of them.

 If you are a rental voucher holder/user:

Do you have your "MOVE" papers?  We have agents that can assist renters that are voucher holders, however, valid move paperwork and security deposit preparedness is needed prior to the search for new accommodations!

DISCLAIMER:  This is not an exclusive list for qualifying.  An analysis based upon full screening with document back-up and other verifying procedures will be followed.  This partial compilation is meant to serve only as preliminary helpful information for potential renters.

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