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You are just dreaming a dream that will not
 materialize if your focus is on any of the
"things" listed in the column to the right.

This is GOD's World!  HE alone made it,
and HE alone has provided instructions to
follow for success in life.

Seek FIRST the KINGDOM... (that means
HIM), and HIS Righteousness.. (that means
HIS ways)... and ALL THESE THINGS shall
be added unto you.

Hmmmmm, so HE has the stuff huh?? YES!
HE, (JESUS) is before ALL THINGS, and by
HIM, all things consist!  GOD, the FATHER
was very pleased to place all these things
into HIS hands....  why??????

So that HE could distribute them to those
that would seek HIM....  becoming heirs of
HIS Kingdom, when they do.

Is it that simple?  YES!!  Are you ready to
get started??  Not convinced yet?  Well,
listen to this....  Riches certainly know
how to make itself some wings and fly away!

Ever thought you had it made.... then lost it?
It's because it's ONLY by the Blessing of
the LORD that riches come, and it's ONLY
by HIM that riches are added!  If YOU got
riches added to you on your own, guess
what??  You got the added sorrows with it!!

Sorrows of.... How can we keep this up?
Who's trying to steal this?  What if ??
What if something happens??  How long
will this last??  Why can't we sleep at
night?  Etc..

He that trusteth in his riches shall fall,
but the righteous shall flourish as a branch.
Proverbs  11:28

( © copyright 2007-2011 Diane Rice)

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